I was visiting my small rural home town. Rumor was she was a lesbian. I saw her at a bar and went over to talk. She worked at a movie theatre and told me to meet her there at midnight. We watched Matilda on the screen, the two of us alone. I slept over at her house and told her of my travel plans to hop trains to NYC. She asked me to convince her to go, said she was scared but wanted to live. I didn’t convince her. We wrote letters back and forth for months. I felt as if she was the one. When I went home again, she was with someone else. I couldn’t let it go. I stopped by her work (she worked at a record store). She took a sharpie and wrote, “Don’t hate my way” on my arm. She sent me a tape with Throwing Muses on it. I listened to it again and again to try to make meaning out of her song choices. Every time I went back to my parents I looked for her, but she was done. She had moved on. It took me some time to realize that she wasn’t afraid to try, it was that I was not her “one”.  Year: 1996


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One response to “Danielle

  1. dot

    Nice post – I like this very much. I read it in my blog reader and hopped over here to leave a comment – not realizing it was You! An added bonus. Good luck with the rest of the A to Z – I’ll be back to read more.

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