I had been watching Queer as folk back to back when I walked into the coffee shop and saw her writing in her journal and listening to headphones. What was she listening to that was so much better than the music that was playing from the speakers? Queer as Folk made me braver than I normally was…After I left, I called the coffee shop, described her and asked for the barista to put her on the phone. We set a hangout for the next day. She was a social worker, I was a waitress. We loved to go dancing. We would go to gay skate. She made me a mixtape and got me a tape player with headphones. She had 3 cats and I had allergies. The first night I tried to stay all night, my eyes puffed up, my asthma was out of control and then I knew it would never work. She later married another girl and they had a baby. year: 2005


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4 responses to “Andie

  1. dot

    I like how watching Queer as Folk made the narrator braver. And I can see how that would happen.

    A for Andie. Nice story.

    • oh dear! someone i know! you are why i am trying the a-z challenge! it was Brian Kinney from Queer as Folk who I felt I was embodying! (though honestly I was and am currently not like him at all..quite possibly the opposite of him!)

  2. I watched those back to back, too! Remember those days? Before kids? When you could do that (plus all the things you wrote about)?
    Is the blogging challenge flash fiction?

    • The challenge is writing anything you want every day (with Sundays off) as long as you are writing every letter of the alphabet. I decided to do a theme and chose “crushes” that I have had. I think I thought it would be easy. I just think of a crush I’ve had, find a letter that correlates with them and then write something quick that I remember. True stories, so, it’s no pressure but also maybe slightly boring! (Though I have had a lot of crushes in my single days, so the material is easy!) Now I kind of regret choosing this topic. It feels totally off-focus from my goal of the blog. Now I wished I had picked “self-care A-Z” or free thought rather than a theme. The truth is I hadn’t written in forever and just felt like anything to get me started was worth it.
      Glad you are back!

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